We are Rev3 DuPage a business incubator, coworking and digital technology start-up hub located in Naperville driving the third revolution of digital technology. 

Rev3 DuPage

Ray Ziganto

  • Ray is the President of Bloomingdale based Bi-Link a metals, prototyping and manufacturing company

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John Spataro

  • John is the Operations Manager of WCKG radio

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Jake Obremski  

  • Jake is current highschool Junior at Kaneland, Co-founder of Dablr app

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Dan DiMarco

  • Daniel is the Director Of Business Development for SkinnyWare

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Adam Rasheed

  • Adam is in charge of Customer Experience Management at OpenText

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Gail Jo Kelly

  • Gail Jo Kelly is the owner of gailjo.com where services include 3D printing

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Nic Zito

  • Nic is employed by Choose DuPage and runs REV3, he writes about personal branding, social media and entrepreneurship on NicZito.com

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Mike Hale

  • Mike is an Platform and API developer for Rainmaker Digital who builds tools for content marketers to create, optimize, publish and promote their content - CEO of  Commencia

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Excell Lewis

  • Excell is the Founder & CEO of MyndMatch, focused on providing 21st Century Solutions to the 21st Century Challenges

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Abhi Rajmane

  • Abhi is a partner of Nabros Inc., Warrenville based enterprise consulting firm

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Matt Dubiel

  • Matt is the President of WCKG radio

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Neil Glazer

  • Neil is current high school Junior at Kaneland, Co-founder of Dablr app

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Jim Engineer

  • Jim is the Founder & President of E-Rainkmaker, a Public Relations firm

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Mike Kappel

  • Mike is a Software Engineer for TMT logistics

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Jason DeLancey

  • Jason is Owner of Screen Strategy an Internet Marketing company focusing on SEO, PPC & content creation

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John Wons

  • John is the Owner of DesignWons a digital marketing company, and helps run REV3

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Ravi Das

Ravi works for Biometric News Inc., a full service technical communications and content marketing firm for more information visit www.biometricnews.net

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Aaron Bradley

  • Aaron is an music composer, Entrepreneur, and software/game developer. Currently an iOS Developer that has developed OGMobi SDK, PeopleVine Venue App, BombRush! & Nightly 

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