Startup Feature: MatchSource

MatchSource LLC

Learn more about our new office tenant MatchSource below! 



1. What is your name, business name & town that you live in?

Niki Atherton - MatchSource LLC (technical recruiting) - Naperville, IL


2. What does your company do?

MatchSource is a boutique recruiting firm. With extensive experience serving individuals and companies ranging from early-stage startups to established corporations. Specializing in staffing and recruiting for web, mobile, systems administration, and software development, we understand that a perfect match is crucial for candidates and clients alike. MatchSource brings talent to technology. 


3. What clients do you work with and serve?

All industries and typically small to medium sized organizations.


4. What has been a memorable project that you have collaborated on?

One of our many repeat clients that we originally started out with was around 20 employees and they are now around 60 and we placed a huge number of additional people (anyone tech related, we placed).


5. What is up next for you and your business venture?

Continued growth, we have new members starting and that will bring the ability to add more happy clients and candidates to our network.


6. What is some advice you would relay to other entrepreneurs, small businesses and tech startups?  

Finding an industry coach and network is mentally life-saving. And find time to relax and disconnect, it's hard to “shut-down” when everything seems to rest on your shoulders.


7. What are you most excited about with joining Rev3?

It gets us out of our home offices, which is mentally healthy and energizing.  Also, possible networking opportunities is nice as well.

Niki Atherton

Niki Atherton of MatchSource

Jeff Gullett

Jeff Gullett of MatchSource