Startup Feature: GOtivation

GOtivation Logo

1. What is your name, business name & town that you live in?

GOtivation LLC.  I live in Glen Ellyn, IL

2. What does your company do? 

We help people get their motivation back!  Our fun and innovative new app helps people get the spark they need to get back to the gym or eat healthier.

3. What clients do you work with and serve? 

Right now, we’re focused on helping people who really want to exercise and eat right, but have trouble staying motivated.  We’ve all been there…bought the gym pass and only went once a week, signed up for the 5k and never trained, or gave up on eating right after a rough week at work.

We all feel guilty and upset when we know we are not taking care of our bodies.  That’s when we can swoop in and help! 

4. What has been a memorable project that you have collaborated on? 

Ha, the entire startup process!  I’m collaborating with a freelancer (and entrepreneur) to step me through the Lean Startup process.  It has really helped me stay focused on the most important steps and added some comradery to the somewhat lonely task of early stage start-up. 

5. What is up next for you and your business venture?

We’re testing our early prototype now. After we learn from the test, we’ll make the appropriate pivots and hope to have an even more exciting launch in late winter!

6. What is some advice you would relay to other entrepreneurs, small businesses and tech startups? 

Choose your startup methodology BEFORE you start your new business.  I spent the first 6 weeks of my startup just researching the best process for building a business nowadays.  I can run a lot faster now that I know the path I’m taking.

If you think “build it and they will come” is the best approach to getting started, I’d encourage you to look at the Lean Startup methodology instead.  I’m a fan of the Lean Startup process because it’s more empirical, less risky, and I come from a Supply Chain background (ha, I’m slightly biased).

7. What are you most excited about with joining Rev3?

It’s easy to be productive at REV3, especially when you compare it to a home-based business with say, a 4-year old dancing on your laptop!

Also, the network opportunities are growing as REV3 expands.

Rev3 Innovation Center Member: Dennis Timpanaro
Rev3 Innovation Center Member: Dennis Timpanaro
Rev3 Innovation Center Member: Dennis Timpanaro
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