Startup Feature: Rainmaker Growth Partners

1. What is your name, business name & town that you live in?

Jim Engineer, Managing Partner, Rainmaker Growth Partners. I grew up in Naperville and have been a proud Aurora resident since 1999.

2. What does your company do?

We provide breakthrough digital marketing communications and public relations services for high-growth, high-innovation companies primarily in the cybersecurity, IoT, clean tech and sustainability markets.

3. What clients do you work with and serve?

Since 1999, and to date ourselves a bit, even beyond, we have worked with companies who are exceptional innovators, brilliant entrepreneurs, dynamic and forward-thinking private equity companies, and located throughout North America. Our track record in turning promising technology providers into category leaders is unrivaled in the cybersecurity industry.

4. What has been a memorable project that you have collaborated on?

Most recently I promoted the second edition of PhishLabs’ Phishing Trends & Intelligence Report at the RSA Conference in San Francisco. The report’s principal authors, both longtime former FBI specialists, were on hand for interviews and insights on the latest phishing trends based on their research and investigations.

The opportunity to break news to national, technology and cybersecurity media organizations requires substantial media outreach, relentless persistence, and a non-stop focus on relationship building. The effort, pressure and thrill of breaking news is a professional honor as much as it is a labor of love and we embrace this philosophy in any client engagement.

The most memorable client experience has to be my work with Mandiant from 2009 through 2011; the company was acquired by FireEye, Jan. 1, 2014, for $1 billion, and continues to be one of the leading forces for good in the cybersecurity industry. Mandiant’s involvement and leadership in delivering world-class incident response services working the world’s biggest cybersecurity breach investigations provided a frontline opportunity to counsel and deliver media relations guidance, navigating super-sensitive issues with some of the world’s most brilliant journalists.

My work with Mandiant was later recognized in the Public Relations industry with a national award: Bulldog Reporter’s 2011 Stars of PR Media Relations Professional of the Year Award for Communications Excellence.

5. What is up next for you and your business venture?

The launch of Rainmaker Growth Partners represents a new chapter in my career, alongside and in continued collaboration with my partner, John Ortbal. RGP is the confluence of our shared experiences, contacts, alliances and partnerships brokered over two decades working with some of the best and brightest in graphic and interactive/digital design, media and analyst relations, social media engagement and online reputation management. We will continue to serve as agents of change for our clients, building on the one common thread each of our clients share: growth. Our formula for growth is built on four pillars: accelerating client visibility, bolstering branding, generating groundswell and building a reputation centered on leadership and legacy.

6. What is some advice you would relay to other entrepreneurs, small businesses and tech startups?

Never burn a bridge. Always take the high road. Manage expectations at the outset of any new endeavor. Keep focused on innovating your product or service roadmap to remain competitive.  Exceed expectations to keep customers coming back. And never stop believing in your potential to be the best.

7. What are you most excited about with joining Rev3?

Rev3 is more than just an example of workplace innovation and evolution. Rev3’s success is inextricably tied to the mission and directives of Choose DuPage, which is aimed at fostering and generating commercial and consumer growth in the Chicago area’s vibrant DuPage County.  It’s an honor to be a Rev3 member, an organization that unites established, high-growth businesses with the Panera generation of solopreneurs who seek a more comfortable, professional and dynamic working environment to network and grow. Rev3 serves as a growth agent, delivering real networking and innovation in DuPage County, and uniting various segments of the local workforce in the spirit of boosting our local and regional economic development efforts. How can we be anything but excited for the road ahead and the unfolding promise of Rev3!

For more information on the company, visit:

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Partner,  Jim Engineer of Rainmaker Growth Partners

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Partner, John Ortbal of Rainmaker Growth Partners

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