Family and Being An Entrepreneur

We asked Rev3 members how they balance having a family with being an Entrepreneur?

Here are there responses below:

Rev3 Member Response

I'm a married father of four children ages 14, 12, 10, and 5 years old. There's really no such thing as balance in my opinion. Everything in my life is one. 

My family is my life, and my life is my business.  So everything we do ties together. My family is part of the business and our lives are integrated into my business.

Sometimes (most times actually) I don't know what day it is. This is not to say I'm overwhelmed or confused, but rather there is virtually no difference between a weekday and a weekend for me. Every single day involves both family and work.  I delight in the ability I have to drop my kids off and pick them up from school, or chaperone a field trip whenever I choose.

Saturday night instead of going to a movie (we did see Guardians of the Galaxy Friday night) the oldest two kids, my wife and I recorded a radio show we called The Family Podcast. That was our family activity.

It was a fun night, the convergence of business and family and a great example of perhaps what some refer to when they suggest people strive for work/life balance. For me, it's all just life. 

Rev3 Member Response

I’ve raised a dog or two but no kids, so that helps, LOL.

But work/life balance is still tough. Like most, I could work 24x7 and never be done. At some point, you learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable by walking away from work and resting your mind and body or you are no good to anyone. 

Rev3 Member Response

It’s all about balance.  First, over time I’ve learned that I can truly only handle three major commitments: Family, Business (formerly “Job”), and Archery.  If I’m eyeing a major new challenge, something falls off the list.

Those three priorities shuffle all the time though.  There will be weeks where I’m focused 16 hours a day on my business at the expense of family and training.  There will be weekends where I lock up the laptop and spend 100% of my time with my wife and 4-year-old little dude.  Other times, I’m on the road competing in a national archery competition and stay entirely in competition-mode.

That said, Family is the one constant. Jobs change, businesses come-and-go, even Olympic dreams end someday.  I’m lucky enough to have a supportive wife, son, and extended family.  It’s something I try not to take for granted!  We’ll plan regular vacations and schedule events like restaurants, hang-outs with friends, and even date nights.  The key to making it all work?  Once we put it on the calendar, it happens.  It’s a simple time-management technique, but it works just as well with your family as it does in your business.

Rev3 Member Response

Being an entrepreneur is an extremely personal career shift decision that's usually best done when younger with less to risk. Once you have responsibility for a family, the entrepreneurial lifestyle, ideally, should afford you the flexibility needed to be an outstanding parent and devote the kind of time required to establish strong bonds with your children. For these reasons, being an entrepreneur has helped me live a more stress free, agile life that's focused squarely on my children and staying 'always on' for my clients.


John Wons