UX Design in the Post-Mobile World

Adaptive, Responsive, and Mobile-First Design

Alex Bratton, CEO & Chief Geek of Lextech Global Services recently presented on “How to Find Your Billion Dollar App” at a Rev3 Talk. During the program Bratton discussed a number of the steps in his tried and true process. As a follow-up to this stellar talk, Rev3 would like to share a previously recorded webinar from marketing research firm and UX specialists, GFK.

The webinar, UX Design in the Post-Mobile World: Adaptive, Responsive, and Mobile-first Design explains exactly what adaptive, responsive, and mobile-first design is and how it can improve the user experience for apps.

UX Design in the Post-Mobile World: Adaptive, Responsive, and Mobile-first Design

Published By: GfK

Wireless Remotes. Personal Computers. World Wide Web. High-speed Internet. The phrase “mobile device” doesn’t sound as charmingly antiquated as these just yet, but the time is coming.

Smartphones, tablets, mini-tablets, phablets… every year or so, a new type of device comes along and has us re-defining mobile and re-thinking last year’s revelations on mobile design. In trying to keep up, it can be tough to stay focused on the heart and soul of your business.

Adaptive, responsive, and mobile-first are buzzwords that can mean different things to different people, but if you’d like to get back to what matters most for your business, understanding and applying them may be just the thing.

Mike Murphy, Senior Design Director of User Experience at GfK, will explain each of these with examples and walk through a case study in responsive design, answering the questions:

  • What are responsive, adaptive, and mobile-first design?
  • When is each technique appropriate?
  • How can they be used together?
  • How can the UX design process be tailored for them?
  • How can they affect design and development costs?

Click here to view the recording.

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