Advisor Spotlight: Joe Veltri

Socius Business Advisors

Joe Veltri is a CEO, Executive Coach, Speaker, and chairs Executive Peer Groups. As a business leader, Veltri has over 20 years’ experience running companies, in multiple industries, from start-ups, to portfolio turnarounds, to “Mr. Fix-it” and C-level strategist for and $850 million company. Veltri has an operational and marketing background, with oversight in domestic and international manufacturing and procurement, business finance, mergers and acquisitions, as well as succession and exit planning.

Veltri became involved with Rev3 Innovation Center because he wants to see more companies succeed in DuPage County and Illinois. “Over the past eight years we’ve seen hundreds of companies fail, and many of those still in business are struggling. Helping startups is part of our responsibility of giving back to the community and building a base for future jobs and wealth. By helping both startups and existing businesses not only exist, but grow we can help make our communities and our state a better place to live and work" said Veltri.

Learn more about his business here.

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