Advisor Spotlight: John Schewe

John Schewe is the CEO and Founder of Fricket, a technology based company in the Chicago western suburbs. Fricket developes a web-based application that makes it easier to shop for tickets to live events. After spending 23+ years on Chicago’s financial trading floors analyzing markets and advising his clients at Newedge USA and Morgan Stanley, Schewe took the startup plunge in 2011. He received his MBA from the University of Chicago in 2001, and has advised dozens of start-up founders, while learning valuable lessons in return.

Like many of us, John has attended many of the startup conferences and events held in Chicago, and always thought it would be great to bring similar opportunities to the western suburbs. “The people, the talent and the ideas are here too, so building a hub for all of these, like Rev3, is exciting. Being located in western suburbs gives Rev3 certain advantages over the Chicago-based facilities too, and by leveraging these unique resources, Rev3 will be able to build its own unique identity," said Schewe.

Schewe is a member of the Rev3 Advisory Team and looks forward to sharing his experiences with the Rev3 community, while continuing to learn from the fast growing organization.

Learn more about John Schewe and Fricket by visiting the website and on Twitter @JohnSchewe and @FricketMe.

NewsCourtney Healy