Advisor Spotlight: Rudy Ristich

Rudy Ristich is an engineer and open-hardware enthusiast whose experience in electronics spans from proof-of-concept prototyping on breadboards to professionally manufactured single run circuits and custom built application specific integrated circuits (ASIC). Ristich is a patent holder with several patents pending, and has earned degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Purdue University. In late 2009 Ristich co-founded Workshop 88, a hackerspace (also known as a makerspace) located in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. Focused on science, technology, mechanics, culture and the digital arts, Workshop 88 offers a space where people with diverse backgrounds can socialize, collaborate and learn. Through shared resources, knowledge and ideas Workshop 88 is a space that promotes an inquisitive learning environment for the community.

Ristich is a member of the advisory team at Rev3 and serves as a technical resource by helping emerging companies connect with the resources and knowledge necessary to bring their products from idea to reality.

Join Rudy on Tuesday, May 13 at the IIT – Rice Campus in Wheaton, IL for a Rev3 Talk where he’ll be discussing the phases of Digital System Design from concept to reality. Ristich will be using case studies from projects at Workshop 88 to illustrate why there is no better time in history to create your own electronic widget. Click here for more information, or to register.

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