Bi-Link to Join Rev3

Bi-Link at Rev3 Innovation Center

Bi-Link to Join Rev3 Innovation Center in Naperville, IL.

This Summer, Bi-Link is becoming a part of the Rev3 Innovation Center to share their expertise and make a difference in the community. The Rev3 Innovation Center is a comfortable co-working environment designed to encourage collaboration between innovators, entrepreneurs, and manufacturers. Rev3 connects people with the latest technology to push an idea forward, including rapid prototyping and 3D printing.

It's a tooling intensive world. To be successful, product entrepreneurs need to engage with tooling and manufacturing experts from the very start. Rev3 provides Bi-Link a space to expand its Open Innovation services, by providing anyone with an idea a chance to share it with our engineers face-to-face

It's a great opportunity for product entrepreneurs to connect with us in the early stages of an idea in a less formal environment. It's one of the ways we redefine the manufacturer's role by being closer to where the ideas are generated in the first place.

The entrepreneurial community is just as vibrant and capable in the DuPage County area as it is in the city. What has been missing is a space to collaborate and a mission to succeed. But Rev3 is hoping to change all that, and Bi-Link is thrilled to be part of this great opportunity.

Bi-Link's Rev3 office will have scheduled hours, a workspace, parts to tinker with, and a 3D printer. A Bi-Link engineer will be present during set hours, but you also have the option to schedule an appointment with us.

Bi-Link will host presentations, workshops, and guest speaking events for all those interested in taking their project or idea to the next level.