Building a Plane While You’re in the Air

“This whole thing feels a lot like the plane is being built when we’re in the air”. I will never forget the first time I heard that analogy. It was early on in our process and since then has stuck with me. I originally associated it negatively, then the more I thought about it- it’s true! Entrepreneurship is absolutely like putting together the plane while we’re at 35,000 feet. Entrepreneurship and building a business are an ever-changing and evolving process. In this regard, it’s positive because you are constantly adding parts, people, or ideas to your concept that will have a net benefit on the vision and end user. By nature, these undertakings are always forming, and never completely ‘finished’. Additions are always made and subtractions occur as needed. It’s great to have a plan, but you must be ready and nimble to adjust to issues that arise. If you’re currently at Point A and you envision yourself succeeding or reaching the ending Point Z, that’s grea,  but be ready for a non-linear journey. You can still reach that end goal and point, but it will not always occur according to plan, in fact in most cases it will zig and zag a million times all over the place until you reach the end- the point is you can still reach it. The ending goal, the destination, can be reached a multitude of ways.

There is no set or standard way of achieving your goal. For example, with Rev3, we have maintained our vision (helping entrepreneurs, makers, and innovators build creative businesses and products) since our launch, but have certainly adjusted many times along the way. We had an ideal way initially to reach our core demographic, but have since expanded to host and curate more informal events through, which have been very successful in reaching new people. We had an initial equipment list that has since been modified and added to (also subtracted from) based on the advice and suggestions of the entrepreneurs and our advisory team. We also had an ideal offering of professional services and resources, which have been changed based off the feedback we’ve gotten from people at various stages of company creation/expansion/growth.

It’s great to be prepared, but the only for sure thing you can count on being prepared for in entrepreneurship is a bumpy ride. Anticipate changes and roadblocks, and as needed in an evolving market- be ready to pivot.

NewsCourtney Healy