Celebrating 6 Months of Co-Working

23 Member Companies and Guests Gather to Celebrate 6 Months of Co-Working

On Monday June 1st, we celebrated our 6 month anniversary with our member companies and community friends. In late November/early December of 2014, our first official member companies moved into the space. Now, a short 6 months later we have 23 member companies. This anniversary party was a chance to celebrate this great accomplishment with our members, their guests, our board members, and community supporters. We had over 80 people attend, tour the space, and network with peers. We are proud of these accomplishments, as we’ve already seen great partnerships and collaborations happen between our entrepreneurs- the next 6 months will certainly bring more achievements.

Pictures from the Event

bi-link-teamoffice pingpong foosball chalkboard Rev3 6 Month Anniversary Party