Coworkers Build, Fly and Crash a Drone at Rev3

When a Drone comes to Rev3

Hands down, one of the best reasons to have a co-working membership at Rev3 is that you are constantly being exposed to new ideas, technology, and business ideas through being in a collaborative environment. Sure, you can co-work at a coffee shop or the library, but those experience don't live up to what we have at Rev3. When you bring together creative individuals who all possess different skill sets, great ideas will be born.

An example of this is a couple weeks back; we were on the topic of drones and were debating their use in traditional business settings and how they can possibly aid in normal, supply chain tasks. The next day one of our members brought in a drone he built and we took it for a quick test driveā€¦check out the video to see how our first Drone Flight ended: