DuPage County v. Cook County

In January of 2013, Choose DuPage was approached by Crain’s Chicago Business to take part in a comparison between the Chicago’s Central Business District and DuPage County. While it comes as no surprise that Chicago is bigger, with more jobs and businesses, DuPage County’s industrial space vacancy rate is lower, and manufacturing jobs were on the rise. View the complete study here. We learned that while manufacturing in DuPage County is growing, it needs additional support. Click here to continue reading, and learn what we are doing to support manufacturing in DuPage County.  What we took away from this study was that manufacturing in DuPage County was growing but it needed some additional support. Even with some modest increases in employment over the past couple of years, those numbers were nowhere close to what they were back in the early 2000’s. We also knew that we needed to do something to keep and grow tech jobs in DuPage County. With this data, Choose DuPage conducted a feasibility study to evaluate if a tech incubator could survive in DuPage County. The feasibility study showed that not only could DuPage County support an incubator but that it should be expanded to include manufacturing, a first of its kind in DuPage. We found out there were and still are a number of different groups operating in DuPage County but everyone was “working in their own little silos” as one of our advisors put it, no one was cooperating and combining resources to provide entrepreneurs in the County a full compliment of resources and connections in the County.

Today, Rev3 is thinking like an entrepreneur. Over the past 5 months we’ve been holding Rev3 “Talks” on topics that are of interest to manufacturing and tech minded people. We’ve been working on connecting all of the different “silos” of entrepreneurs throughout the County with TwitterFacebookMeetup.comand the Startup Genome Project. We’re working on securing a facility in the County; a hub for all things entrepreneurial. A place where we can bring together resources from both the public and private arenas to foster creativity, promote thought leadership and to create opportunities for growing businesses throughout the County.

Join us as we continue to grow and please help us by reaching out into your “silos” and encourage others to find out what we’re doing at Rev3.

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