Entrepreneur Mentorship and Office Hours

Need some guidance for your company this year? Starting in January 2015, Rev3 is offering 1-on-1 mentorship and office hours to our members on a variety of start-up and business topics. We are proud to host office hours for great groups in the fields of: legal, accounting, angel investment, professional development, business planning, financial forecasting, marketing analysis, and user experience. This month we will be welcoming Rathje & Woodward to speak to members on legal entity and business formation issues, BreakThrough, Fox Valley SCORE and also the West Suburban Angels. Visit our Mentorship page for a full list of our mentors. If you are interested in a business related topic and would like to see us bring in groups to discuss this issue, reach out to Bryan or Nic. Also be sure to checkout our newly formed Peer Roundtable discussion group, an intimate and honest forum to discuss startup challenges.