Entrepreneur Spotlight: Alan Mindlin

This week we are highlighting a fellow entrepreneur and Rev3 member, Alan Mindin. In this post, Alan captures his excitement of Rev3 and why he is excited to be a part of this growing revolution. Mindin left corporate America a few years ago to start his own business as a business and technology consultant. The target audience is small-medium sized business that manufactures a product using embedded intelligence, and need help growing. Mindin’s interests include embedded computing, Internet of Things, and Machine-to-Machine communications. An ideal client would be an entrepreneur with an interest in manufacturing, making real, physical products.

To network into this market space, Mindin routinely traveled to downtown Chicago to visit incubators, working spaces, and events. With Rev3 Innovation Center opening in DuPage County, Mindin is very excited to avoid the commute and have a platform to network with like-minded people in the suburbs.

Through Rev3’s formal events and programs with topics ranging from marketing and presentations skills to licensing, Mindin has learned along with other entrepreneurs how to make his business a success. “Not only has Rev3 connected me with the right kind of market for my company, but also with people who can help me succeed - other consultants, attorneys, accountants, and even a few corporate types that want to make their own businesses more innovative.”

Rev3 regularly hosts informal events that can be found on meetup.com including breakfasts, lunches, and happy hours. To view our schedule of events on meetup.com click here.

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