Entrepreneur Spotlight: Chris Laughlin

Until the age of ten, Chris Laughlin was educated on the fundamentals of business by his Grandpa George, a mechanical engineer and innovator. George taught Chris three principles:

  • Solve problems with creative solutions
  • Utilize local talent and resources
  • One’s word is only as strong as their handshake

After graduating from DePaul University’s Business Management / Entrepreneurship in 2012, Laughlin is now applying his grandpa’s lessons as a budding Chicago area entrepreneur with a passion for lean entrepreneurship and steAm (science, technology, engineering, ARTS, and mathematics) education.

In 2013 he co-founded a family digital tech start-up, rWilo, with a focus on connecting digital fabrication and 3D printing stakeholders. rWilo’s online platform helps students, entrepreneurs and professionals advance physical product ideas and projects through community collaboration and visual communication. Currently rWilo is looking to showcase product ideas and projects in an effort to learn from the community, inspire others, and connect project founders with potential collaborators. rWilo values your insight and feedback during the development process, head to rWilo.com for more info.

Since learning of desktop 3D printing in 2012, Laughlin has been closely following the maker movement as it develops into a true revolution. Although you can find him sneaking into 1871 weeknights after an event, he grew tired of the downtown commute and was looking for something in the suburbs, more specifically an incubator with physical prototyping capabilities.

Chris and his cousin, Nick Tarzian, came across Rev3’s events in November of 2013 and quickly became excited to meet like-minded entrepreneurs and innovators. Through attending events he has met some great people and is patiently waiting for a physical space to start making stuff in. He looks forward to meeting more like-minded entreprenuers in the Rev3 community as we ride this collective wave of entrepreneurship innovation.


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