Entrepreneur Spotlight: Mike Hale

Mike Hale has over 15 years of software development experience working with everyone from entrepreneurs and startups to fortune 500 companies. As CEO of Commencia, Hale focuses on building web applications using .Net and custom websites built on WordPress. He also helps companies build and provide custom APIs and integrate social media networks. As founder of Twibitz, an app that analyzes a Twitter user based on their profile and history to create a snapshot report, Hale has been involved in the Chicago startup scene attending networking and attending events at places like 1871, Catapult and TechNexus.

At these events, I meet a lot of people also from the western suburbs and DuPage area. I'm really excited to have the chance to meet other entrepreneurs closer to home.

Hale finds that Rev3 provides a valuable opportunity to share experiences and challenges with other entrepreneurs, and learn from experts at Rev3's many programs. Hale feels that while a lot of the attention is focused on Chicago, there are so many great companies building things in DuPage it's vital to have an organization to support and grow our community.

"In the time I've been involved with Rev3 I've already met potential partners, advisors, mentors, attorneys and even some client work!"

Learn more about Mike Hale by visiting his blog, http://www.mikehale.me or finding him on Twitter @MikeHale.

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