What I Learned Along the Way

From the beginning, Rev3 has been focused on being entrepreneur-centric. We realize the importance of fostering and building a supportive community around our mission. Every focus group, networking event and technical seminar we have hosted has stemmed from our mission of starting with entrepreneurs. A sampling of our community efforts can be found through the evening seminars we hold, while our informal meetups, which include happy hours, lunches, and coffees can be found here Building a strong network will have the best net benefit for everyone involved with Rev3. Entrepreneurs will be able to learn from and seek partnership from other creative minds in order to best build successful enterprises.

At Rev3, we place strong emphasis on weaving together all the elements that best provide resources for people using our space: educational components, mentorship opportunities, professional services, advanced equipment, large company involvement, connections to financing, and the personal network of being able to rub elbows with likeminded (and different thinking) business owners. We are lucky to have great volunteer support and have comprised a diverse advisory board of community members with both tech and manufacturing backgrounds to guide the vision of Rev3.

DuPage County and our surrounding region has no shortage of creative people, so one of our main goals is to get all these makers, builders, innovators, techies, manufacturers, creators, developers, and entrepreneurs together under one roof at Rev3 Innovation Center, the place of emerging opportunities.



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