Let's Put DuPage County On The Map

Rev3 verified our business on Google Maps, have you?

Now, more than ever, it's important for small businesses to have a presence online. According to Google, only 37% of businesses have claimed a local business listing on a search engine–that’s a lot of missing information. And with 4 out of 5 people using search engines to find local info like business hours and directions, it also means a lot of missed opportunities for local businesses.

That's why Google has started the "Let's Put Our Cities On The Map" initiative.

With their new initiative, Let’s Put Our Cities on the Map, Google is teaming up with local leaders to create a program for 30,000 U.S. cities–all with the singular focus of getting local business info online and on the map. Every city will have a website, like our Naperville one, that businesses can visit for help. Businesses can see how they show up on Google and build a free website of their own (free for one year). Google is also equipping local partners with free trainings and customized city materials to run workshops in town. Explore Google's site to learn how you can join in, support businesses in your community, and put your city on the map.

Check your business here: www.gybo.com/get-started

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