Meet Dr. Mike Vasquez

In this month's newsletter we're highlighting Dr. Mike Vasquez, one of the advisors for the Rev3 Innovation Center.  You may recognize him from our first official speaker event held last fall where he gave a talk on how 3D Printing is changing the product innovation model and how companies can incorporate it into their businesses. Mike is no stranger to the excitement and challenges that come with growing a project like Rev3.  He has been working with a new technology innovation development in London called HereEast.  

It is a one million square foot development at the heart of the London Olympic Park that will incorporate small and large enterprise, academics, and commercial space.  Specifically, Mike is bringing his expertise on using advanced manufacturing and product development tools to create facilities that help the next generation of startup companies.

Mike is based in Chicago and runs a consulting firm called 3D Printing Reports.  He works with companies to help them develop strategies on how to best approach, integrate and expand 3D Printing in their businesses.  He has years of experience in the advanced manufacturing space working side-by-side with some of the top machine manufacturers, material producers and end users in the industry.  He can be reached through  

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