Member Spotlight: Object Training Group

There have been a lot of new faces around Rev3 so far this year. Our member spotlight this week is on one of our newest members, Object Training Group, an Android app development and training company.

Who is Object Training Group?

I'm Jim Harmon and I'm the President of Object Training Group.  I grew up in Chicago (on the south side - go Sox) and attended the University of Illinois where I earned a degree in Computer Science.  For my entire career I've been involved in developing software, either as a programmer, designer or trainer.

What type of company is Object Training Group?

Object Training Group, is a small business that provides Android App Development and Training for companies across the U.S.   For more information go to

Why did Object Training Group join Rev3?

I travel to client sites to work but when I'm not traveling I need a place that's more professional than a coffee shop. I looked at 1871 in downtown Chicago but that's not convenient for a long-time Naperville resident.  Fortunately, I found Rev3 which is the perfect combination of dynamic professional environment and ideal location. The co-working space is ideal for my needs.  And I also wanted to be part of a community that was promoting business development in DuPage.  Community is really important to me and I'm hoping to help build a network of Android developers in the Naperville area that can support each other.  Rev3 is helping me achieve that vision.