Member Spotlight: Technelion

Rev3 recently opened its doors to its first members on November 3. Our member spotlight this week is on our very first member Technelion, a multinational digital marketing and translation business. Who is Technelion?

Natives of Argentina, Claudia Freed and Fabian Chol have  years of strategic business development experience.  Claudia and Fabian are very active in civic organizations serving on boards at some of Chicago's most prestigious cultural and educational institutions. In addition to civic outreach, they are thrilled to represent Technelion and its clients and to bridge cultural gaps across the globe.

What type of company is Technelion?

Technelion is a multicultural marketing and translation business.  We combine the power of technology and the sensitivity of local cultures to help clients reach customers across all media and in all languages.  We leverage a global network of certified resources all over the world with our expert management team in the US and the support of our own production offices in Latin-America.

Why did Technelion join Rev3?

Our goal at Rev3 is to grow our portfolio of clients in Illinois and expand our operations from the Rev3 Innovation Center. Claudia Freed says, "Rev3 is much more than the smartest work space in DuPage.  Rev3 offers us all the resources we need to run our B2B company and provides us with an "instant community" of like-minded entrepreneurs passionate about innovation and technology."

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