New Member Spotlight: Apollo Biometrics, Inc.

Who is Apollo Biometrics, Inc.?

Ravi Das is the Founder of Apollo Biometrics, Inc. which has a corporate headquarters in New York City, NY.  Ravi has an M.S. in Economics (thesis specialization in International Trade) and M.B.A. in Management Information Systems.

Apollo Biometrics, Inc. is a content generation company, focused upon the IT sector. We provide numerous writing services (such as tech writing, article/copywriting, blog writing, tech documentation, digital content writing). We do content generation on the major social media channels, blogging, podcasting, and visual content.

Soon, we will be launching a new company, with its focus on subscription based content upon Emerging Security Technologies.

What goals are you pursuing in 2015?

Apollo Biometrics goals for this year are to expand our writing services in the Naperville area, focusing on the small to medium sized businesses.

Why are you excited to be part of Rev3?

I love Rev3 because of its great collaborative environment; I get nothing but great help and support here.