New Member Spotlight: Shamrock Accounting Consulting and Tax

Who is Shamrock Accounting Consulting and Tax?

Steve Shamrock is the founder and CEO of Shamrock Accounting Consulting and Tax. I get energized by working with companies that want to start, change or grow. Because of my broad background in companies large and small, public and private, foreign and domestic, profit and non-profit, I can help my clients “see around the corner of growth.” I understand how to work within the constraints of a small company to set the stage for smooth growth. A lot of companies fail not because of market forces, but because they run out of cash. I help companies make sure that does not happen.

I spent 25 years in the corporate world as a controller and VP of finance in companies as large as BP and Akzo Nobel, as small as closely held manufacturers and even a venture-back, international biotech startup. I am a CPA, CMA, and have an MBA in Economics from DePaul University. I also am enrolled in a Master of Taxation through University of Cincinnati online program. My undergraduate in accounting is from John Carroll University in Cleveland, a Jesuit college. I am an adjunct professor of accountancy at DePaul as well as a published author on the topics of technical accounting for US GAAP and International accounting standards (IFRS).

Why you started the company and what you’re pursuing in 2015?

I want to help people by helping companies grow without the constraints of large corporate settings. It’s much easier to innovate when administrative functions are small and efficient. I want to help companies develop and focus strategies and have processes in place to ensure that activities are focused executing strategies, including financial strategies, as well as looking for new opportunities.

My goal for 2015 is to form mutually beneficial relationships with five new clients.

Why you’re excited to join the Rev3 community

I was always a fish out of water in larger companies. Suggestions for innovation were often quashed in favor of established processes, regardless of whether they were still relevant and efficient. Being around entrepreneurs is for me like being a kid in a candy store. There are limitless ways to help people achieve their dreams and goals. It simply gives me incredible energy.