UI LABS Finds a Home in Chicago

Chicago’s technology and innovation ecosystem is robust, but missing a unifying body to encourage collaboration and growth among academia and industry. The University of Illinois is doing something to change that and has established UI LABS, an independent research, training, and commercialization organization. UI LABS brings together top industry leaders and students with businesses in an innovative academic-industry partnership. UI LABS are dedicated to producing cutting-edge research and pairing it with real commercial applications. The organization is funded by private donations as well as city, state and government grants. Just recently UI LABS received a $70 million dollar grant from the Department of Defense, totaling $320 million in funds. UI LABS will soon be established on Goose Island in Chicago and further validates that digital manufacturing is a growing industry sector within the United States. At Rev3, we’re excited about this project and encouraged by what this means for digital manufacturing in the US, the State of Illinois and especially in DuPage County. This investment is further proof that there is a need for digital manufacturing centers in Illinois and that there is support for it at a National and State level. To learn more about this project, click on the featured links below.

NewsCourtney Healy