Rev3 Members Come Together to Teach a Tinkercad Class

Rev3 is proud to have three of its members, Gail Kelly ,Tim Allen and Ray Ziganto, teach their first Tinkercad class at Rev3 on November 16th. This class, targeted at 3D printing beginners, was born out of a relationship between two members with different skills who were helping each other. Resident 3D printing enthusiast Gail and custom software applications developer Tim worked together to help Tim turn his idea into a prototype.

It all started with a simple annoyance: Tim was out fishing and had to change his fishing line because of all the wear and tear. Spooling a new line onto a reel can be frustrating because of all the possibilities for tangles. It occurred to him that someone should invent a way to simplify this task, which led him to ask Ray from Bi-Link what he thought of his idea. Ray promptly suggested that Tim should invent this device, create a model and print it with a 3D printer.

From idea to prototype it only took Tim a week, but it would have taken longer had he not had assistance from Gail. As a 3D printer enthusiast, she immediately jumped to the task and was ready to complete the project herself when Tim asked if she could instead teach him.


It was the Rev3 community coming together that helped Tim turn his idea into reality. Members help each other develop new skills and encourage you to follow through with good ideas.

Tim now has an easier time changing his fishing line, and as a bonus discovered how fun Tinkercad is.

To register for the event, please click here.

Fishing LineIMG_3931


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