Tackle These 3 LinkedIn Questions to Watch Your Business Grow

Written by: Catherine Marsden, Ardent Scope Marketing Date: February 17, 2015

According to a May, 2014 Forbes article, the number of hours users are spending on LinkedIn is increasing. “Forty eight percent of respondents spend more than two hours a week on LinkedIn in 2013, and that number rose a full 10% in 2014. In fact the percentage of people spending 7 or more hours a week on LinkedIn rose from 11% to 18% during that same time period.

Although many people are beginning to harness LinkedIn’s power, many more are unaware of how to use several key features and benefits to grow sales. In short, they want to use LinkedIn to ramp up their marketing efforts, but are not sure where to turn. Below are the 3 questions and answers I get asked most frequently.

3 frequent Questions and Answers for LinkedIn

1. What is the difference between an endorsement and a recommendation?

Many people feel that Endorsements are flat our “hokey and insincere” simply because it takes the user just one click of the mouse in order to vouch that someone has a particular skill. For this reason Recommendations carry more social proof than Endorsements, and are therefore more important to spend more time on receiving and giving Recommendations.

Also, because you get to add the skills you want to be endorsed for, it comes off as boastful. Since others write their own recommendation for you and spend time to write out what they feel your skills are. LinkedIn recommendations also serve as a personal letter of recommendation that everyone can see on your profile.

2. Is a paid subscription really worth it?

According to LinkedIn expert, Viveka Von Rosen, a paid subscription can be a time saver as well as a valuable business tool. Here are the 3 top reasons why you may want to pay the starting price of $29.99 per month to upgrade.

  • You can learn more about who is viewing your profile on LinkedIn, and where they are coming from. It’s creepy when someone checked you out on LinkedIn and they can remain anonymous. With a paid subscription you can find out who those people are.
  • You can send an email to someone who is outside of your network with (3) InMail messages so you can use LinkedIn to contact your sales leads, prospects or networking partners to request a meeting or learn more about possible collaboration.
  • For $59.99 per month you are allowed more advanced search filters to hone in on prospects and you can save up to 8 saved searches. Saved searches will send you an email on a weekly basis with the results of your query.

3. What is the big deal with Groups?

The main frustration people have with Groups is their never-ending communication which fills up your inbox. Remember, you can control how often you receive group communication by turning off the switch for that in the Group’s settings. Once, that’s taken care of, you can go on to enjoy the many benefits of joining LinkedIn groups.

Groups allow you to view the profiles of others in the group, and joining them helps you see what keywords are important in your industry. Taking a few minutes out of your day to read and add in a few comments to Group discussions allows you to be perceived as a subject matter expert. Remember, your goal is to avoid the hard-sell, but rather to learn what are the hot topics affecting your customers. Add those items to your content calendar or your next blog post. You can also locate and request to connect with other members of up to 50 groups.

Please let us know what features you find frustrating and/or helpful on LinkedIn, and how you like your paid subscription. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@ardentscope.com.