Rev3 Innovation Center is a community of diverse Freelancers, Entrepreneurs and Small Business Tech Startups driving the third revolution of digital technology.

"I gave a 4 hour VR demo in a spacious, lively, accommodating, space. 10/10, would definitely use Rev3 Innovation Center again."

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We've Hosted Over 200 + Events

From West Suburban Angles to Wordpress Naperville, West Suburban Mastermind Groups and Dev Ops in the Burbs; we have multiple partnerships with groups that love our space and amenities! 

Our Naperville Event Rooms

Edison Room

US Bank Room

Wheaton Community Bank & Trust Room

Our Room Rental Rates

For events 2 hours and under $100

For events between 2-4 hours $150

For event longer than 4 hours $250 +

*For events longer than 4 hours rates may go up.

Note: All rooms are the same rates

Room: Edison Room

  • Seats: 25

  • Whiteboard Collaboration Access

  • Conference Room 

  • Couches 

  • Projector Access 


Room: U.S. Bank

  • Seats: 35

  • Polycom Live Broadcast Room

  • Conference Room 

  • Pitch Room Capabilities


Room: Wheaton Bank & Trust Room

  • Seats: 70

  • Projector Room

  • Whiteboard Collaboration Access 

  • All Day Conference Capabilities 


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