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WSB Mastermind: Jean Kuhn: How to Find the Hidden Revenue in Your Business

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Jean spoke to us twice last year and was very well received. She's coming back with us May 24 with an all new program!

Find the Hidden Revenue in Your Business!

Small business owners are not making enough money. Jean Kuhn wants to help them. Small Business Owners (SBOs) get so caught up in the daily grind of running their business, taking care of customers, employees, worrying about payroll, and paying the bills, they don’t have time to figure out how easy it can be to increase their income. Jean says..."I know it’s true, because it was true for me when I first became self-employed and it took me 17 years to figure it out." Jean Kuhn is the author of "How to Think Like a Millionaire in 30 Days" and she will be sharing incomparable information and wisdom.

Every business owner has revenue streams in their business they have either forgotten about, don’t see, or don’t have the time to implement. Countless (SBOs) close their businesses because they don’t make enough money. Learn about the revenue stream(s) you can’t see in your business at our May 24 Meetup at the REV3 Innovation Center at NIU Campus in Naperville.

This Meetup meets the 4th Wednesday of the month from 11:30am to 1:00pm at the REV3 Innovation Center at the NIU Naperville Campus. Room 131.

Tickets are $16 in advance and $20 at the door. Full refund available if canceled 48 hours or more in advance.